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Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials


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First, you see the title screen. Press the enter key to continue.

In the main menu, you can use the cursor keys to change the resolution, alter the graphical detail level, choose the difficulty level*, change the side you'll fly for (Imperial - the bad ones/Alliance - the good guys) and, of course, start the game.

*Differences between the levels:
Jedi: Your ship has the same values as other ships of the same type. Enemies are very aggressive.
Standard: Your ship has 50% more hitpoints than normal. Imperial fighters may repair themselves. Enemies are a little less aggressive.
Training: You have twice the hit points of your wingmen and the enemies are less deadly. Your ship is repaired with double speed.

Note: when you finish a mission, your game is automatically saved. You can even change the campaign and fly some missions for the other side, afterwards return and continue with the mission that follows the one you finished last!

If you want to reset the game state, simply delete the file settings.dat.

When you start the game, you can see the mission briefing. Read it carefully (you can scroll the text with the cursor keys), then continue by pressing the enter key.


The Controls

Turn your ship left and right with the arrow keys. To accelerate, press up. Decelerate = down key.
Hint: Although you can move over other ships without colliding, it's better to dodge any asteroids ;)

To shoot your lasers, press ALT-GR.
If you hold down the key for a while, you will notice that your fire rate goes down. This means your guns are overheating. Give them a brake!
Hint: your weapons won't hurt allied ships, only your enemies.

To shoot missiles (if you have one), press the right CTRL/STRG key.
The homing missiles are quite useful but very limited. If an enemy fires such a thing upon you, you get a warning. Try to dodge it or you will loose a lot of power! Missiles are as powerful as a few normal laser blasts.

Torpedoes can be fired with the SPACE key.
Aiming can be a little tricky here; spare them for slower targets! They do the damage of approximatly 20 direct laser blasts.

+ (on numeric keyboard): increase radar zoom factor
- : decrease radar zoom
If you cannot see any enemy, try to reduce your radar level.

The Radar shows enemies in dark blue, vital targets you have to destroy are light blue, allied ships are red and important ships that must not be destroyed are light red.

P - Pause

R - End mission after you have finished all goals, or if you failed (an ship you should guard has been destroyed, etc.)

STRG-D - Self-destruction, restart the mission

ESC - Quit game immidiately


On the bottom of the screen you see the following infos:

PWR = your ship's life force. If it goes down to zero (which may happen very fast!), you are dead! All alliance ships, as well as the gunboat and assault shuttle, are able to repair themselves up to half of their maximum power. Smaller imperial fighters don't have that advantage.

SPD = current speed

SCR = your score

MIS, TORP = number of remaining missiles / torpedoes


Game Alien 3 - 2 dimentional shooter. Game is made on the base of of the same name film. Destroy all aliens, using different weapon.

Distributive size: 1.3M Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

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