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Astro Avenger 2

Astro Avenger 2


Game Terroid - the new classic Horizontal-Scrolling-Shot'em Up-Actiongame for PC!
... coming to you from DIGITAL Nightmares ... for MS-DOS and Windows 95 DOS-Box

You are alone! Your home-planet has been destroyed by the people from XRIMA. Only YOU can free the Orbians - which has been taken to XRIMA - from death and slavery. Blast your way through space, orbit, planet surface and the megacity on XRIMA and free your people!!!
TERROID is a classic-arcade game made by us to bring the quality of R-Type, SWIV, Wings of Death or Lethal Excess on your PC.

This is NONE of all these XXX-level just-look-on-the-screen-and-hold-the-
firebutton-games with two different enemy-types and a little-big-enemy-
boss every five levels.

You even will have to use your brain sometimes ;-)

TERROID offers 9 levels filled with action, explosion and (of course) hundrets of different enemies, 2 bonuslevels with a 3D-flight through rings, mines and bonusitems and a training-game wich guarantees endless gaming-fun on your way to the top-hiscore with an intelligent level- generator.

Playing the Game

Before the game starts you can choose your difficulty-level. We added the BEGINNER and EASY levels, but remember: all levels are designed for the NORMAL grade - and if you are good enough, you can manage to complete the game. If you want to get as much of the game as you can: play NORMAL! In BEGINNER and EASY you will get much less points and it is much more difficult to get a good highscore. The fourth game-mode is TRAINING. Here you can play an endless (or better: until-you die) game created by a more or less intelligent level-generator wich creates enemy-attack-waves for you. The enemies get more and more difficult the further you get, the more enemies you kill and the more points you get - there will appear less enemies if you don't manage to blast down enough. In the normal game you have to fly your fighter through the levels avoiding incoming hostile formations, managing difficult traps, minefields and other arriers and blast down as much of them as you can.

The game is as easy to control as a computer-game can be:

Move: CURSOR/Joystick
Fire: CTRL/STRG/Button 1
Smartbomb: ALT/ALTGR/Button 2
Pause: P
Music: F8

If you managed to blast a whole enemy-formation away, an extra-item will appear. You can collect it by flying on it. These extra-items can be weapons, lifes, points, ... The extra-weapon-system is the only thing which differs (from the great old arcade-action-games). We think it is much fairer to the player as it is now! You cannot loose a whole weapon you got, it just can loose some of its power.

The status-bar:

On top of the game-screen you see your ships status. The red bar indicates the ships hull strength. The blue lamp shows your weapon state, the yellow one is lightened if you have got a smartbomb. Your lifes are displayed in the middle of the bar, the highscore-points right. If you approach a big enemy a strength-bar will appear on the bottom of the screen. It shows the enemies-energy and allows you to see your hits and the damage done by them.

The bonuslevel:

After finishing level 3 and 6 you will get into a 3D-bonus level. You just have to fly your ship with the CURSOR-keys through EVERY silver ring (also marked with an arrow in front of them) and avoid ALL mines. You can (on your way through the rings) collect some of the bonus-items.


As there is no ability to save your game (which would rob you much of your gaming fun and will make the game a 'trial and error' game only) we added an option to continue your game by buying three new lives for 50000 points if you lost all your lifes. A Screen will appear asking you, wether you want to buy three lifes or better use your points for a high score.

Some tips for the game:

1. As your blue mainweapon needs some time to reload you must decide whether you need firepower or just a lot of shots flying around. Always have an eye on the statusbar - the blue lamp shows the status of your
reloading weapon.

2. Destroy the missile-launchers and other cannons before they can fire.

3. To avoid the homing-missiles try to move in a circle around them on the screen until they run out of fuel and explode - but be careful as you're not alone!

4. Collect all extras you can get - they give energy, new weapons, points or lifes.

5. Don't collect the black-death extras!!!

6. Use your smartbombs careful and try to use them for the endbosses ...

7. Look what's coming from backwards!

8. Have fun!

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