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Imagine yourself hurtling through space at breakneck speed. Your ship is capable of rotating in all directions. If you had time to look out the window, then you would see all of the beautiful planets that make up our solar system. But you do not have that kind of time. You are totally focused on the task at hand. That task is . . . blasting to bits every rock that appears in front of you. You have just entered the world of Space Rocks 3-D. It is a dangerous world that gets more difficult as you gain skill. To help you along the way are various power-up items. 

It is not hard to find the giver of the power-up gifts. Just leave one eye on the rocks that are careening towards your ship and search the screen for something that is not a rock. If you spot a round metallic object that has four arms each with a ball on the end, then you have found an enemy worse than the rocks. The Magnatron will suck everything but the rocks towards it. If your ship is caught in its way, then your turn is over. But . . . if in your search you spot a satellite dish, then you are in luck. As long as you are quick enough to shoot it from the front, you will reap the benefits of weapon power-ups.

Can you control your ship and shoot the rocks at the same time? Is it possible to avoid the Magnatron? Have you been able to master the art of shooting the satellite before it shoots you? If the answer to all of these questions is yes and you are looking at a rock-free screen, then wait for the gate to appear. It will trap your ship in its invisible beam and transport you to the next level where the fun begins all over again. Good luck!

Press F2 to start a one player game.
Press F3 to start a two player game.

Use the controls to control your ship(s). Shoot the asteroids and aliens. When everything is dead you go on to the next level. The game is over when you run out of ships (or if the game runs out of asteroids, unlikely!)

When a new level starts the center of the screen is generally the safest place to be.

The ship's status indicator shows score, lives left, shield strength available and weapon overheat indicator. When the shield strength is used up it will become deactivated. While not in use the shield will recharge.

After you have died your next ship will wait until it is safe to materialize. This is quite a loose definition of safe. In general there will be room to appear but a rock might be about to hit you in the face, be ready with your shield! To force the ship to materialize while it is waiting for space, just press the shield button and you will appear with the shield on. What will happen if you appear within an asteroid is not known.


Shoot the aliens for power-ups.
Experiment with the different weapon power-ups (colored gems) to find out their relative merits. Power up the weapon by collecting gems of the same color. Powered up weapons require higher charge capacity and overheat more quickly, so you will need to also collect charge power-ups (battery icons) and temperature units (thermometer icons). A powered up weapon without theses extra units will be difficult to use.
The power-ups change with time, so if you wait a bit you can get the one you want.

To avoid the aliens fire, keep you distance and keep moving.
When you lose a ship some of the power-ups survive, you may be able to pick them up if you're quick.

Distributive size: 3.2M Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download Space Rocks 3D

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