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Game Sky Raider

With each timed, or non-timed round you will try to shoot down as many Enemy Aircraft as possible. The Cannon holds 5 shells, the 40mm Machine Gun holds 100 shells. The Enemy Aircraft will be approaching from the left and right sides. Each Enemy Aircraft will have a different speed. Some Enemy Aircraft are worth more points based on the type of Enemy Aircraft:Helicopter -- 2 points -- Fly slow speedBomber -- 5 points -- Fly medium speedJet Fighter -- 10 points -- Fly fast speedNOTE: It takes 3 or more hits with the 40mm Machine Gun to down an Enemy Aircraft.You may want to stay towards the middle of the viewing area to give yourself maximum distance from the edges as to shoot the Enemy Aircraft before they fly off the screen.See just how many Enemy Aircraft you can down in the least amount of time !Have competition with friends and family based on timed games to see who is the hottest Sky Raider !Good Luck !

Mouse movement controls up, down, left and right movevment.

LEFT mouse button - fires current weapon.

RIGHT mouse button - reloads the current weapon.

1 key - Selects the Cannon

2 key - Selects the 40mm Machine Gun

R key - Toggles Vertical Gun Reverse OFF / ON

G key - Toggles Direct Gun Mode OFF / ON

ESC key - Ends the current game.

Distributive size: 520K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

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