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Final Fortress


It is the game Patriot Missile. The object of the game is shoot down all of the scud missiles before they can destroy your cities. As the level play increases the number of incoming missiles increases and their rate of descent also increases. A longer reload time makes the game more difficult. For free download The game Patriot Missile click by mouse on the picture.


Mouse movement: Move the missile aim point.
Left Mouse: Fire patriot missiles.
Right Mouse: Toggle between missile sites.
Down Arrow: Toggle game pause.

Pause Key: Toggle game pause.

The indicator below each missile shows the reload status of each missile site.

Red indicates reload in progress.
Green indicates launch ready.
The white concentric circle indicates which missile battery is selected.

The score is based on the level of play, the reload time, and the remaining cities.

Distributive size: 210K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game Patriot Missile

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