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"Brickanoid" is an extremely addictive game and simple to play. The object of the game is to destroy the Boss and advance to the next stage.

TIPS: The Boss is hiding behind the rocky bricks. You can only destroy the bricks with the Missiles. Colored bricks are your friends. Don't just kill them but use them to find Power Ups. You can find additional Lasers, Missiles, Lives and Shields. You'll have a greater chance to find something valuable if your Ammo runs low. Certain colored bricks give certain Power Ups (Blue bricks give you the Shield and so on). Shield can't be transfered to the next stage, so use it when you have it. All of your Ammo is transfered with you to the next stage. Use your Ammo wisely, make sure you have enough to advance in the next level. Don't shoot Power Ups! The Boss does not like Lasers, and he does not like Missiles even more. If you destroy all colored bricks - you'll regret it!

Ctrl - Shoot lasers
Shift - Shoot missiles
Space Bar - Activate Shield (when you have it-blue blob appears in the Lives counter)

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