Game M1 Abrams Battle Tank

Game M1 Abrams Battle Tank free download M1 Abrams Battle Tank

Armada Tanks

Armada Tanks


Game M1 Abrams Battle Tank

In Abrams Battle Tank, the user is part of four person crew manning an M-1 Abrams tank. The setting is Eastern Europe under the conditions that the Warsaw Pact has failed and NATO forces (primarily the United States) and the Soviets are at war. There are eight missions for the user to face, all of which must be completed in order, giving the game a very linear plot. Most of the missions, while difficult, are seek-and-destroy missions that send the tank out into hostile territory alone, which was very unrealistic for the time.

For fullscreen mode press "ESC" button.

Distributive size: 540K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download game M1 Abrams Battle Tank

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